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About holding Token Sale

The Mango Project (Mango Holdings Pte. Ltd) has a vision of achieving both “sustainable donation” and “return to investors” with the aim of solving social problems rooted in the Philippines.

This is because it is essential to expand the business by returning to investors in order to “continue” donations.

We grant the issued MRC (Mango Remittance Coin) the right to receive dividends with the highest return rate according to the holding rate for the total number of issued coins.

Then, by learning (general education, program skills, all learning related to employment) using the concept of “coins are given by learning = Proof of Learning”, MRC (Mango Remittance Coin) is given and various Make money by “learning” instead of “working” by receiving the distribution of profits from typical businesses (LOTTERY mining business, domestic settlement business, OFW overseas remittance business, cryptocurrency exchange business (Defi platform)) can do.

By doing so, we aim to build an ecosystem that allows us to use our spare time and increase learning opportunities, and to help correct the unreasonable poverty and social disparities faced by children in the Philippines.


In partnership with World Nios Limited (Marshall Islands), which develops and operates MINNY Casino, a comprehensive amusement-type casino that integrates sports bookmakers, e-sports, and casino games, which was released the other day.

This time, MPHP (Mango Philippine Peso), which is newly issued with the Philippine peso and rate pegged, and MRC (Mango Remittance Coin), which will be the key currency of Mango Exchange in the future, will be used for the revenue sharing program (Revenue Share Program). It’s finally starting to move.

As a first step, we have decided to hold an MQP token sale as follows.

MPHP (Mango Philippine Peso) is a stable coin linked to the Philippine peso and has a fixed rate. “Deposit / withdrawal to Minny Casino”, “Charge from Mango Wallet to CTBC Bank VISA debit card”, and ” It will be used for “payment in the Philippines” and “OFW overseas remittance”.

In addition, 60% of the casino revenue will be used as a source of funds, and a “five-year revenue sharing right” will be granted according to the purchase amount of MPHP.


Please refer to the PDF document below for details on the sale and user benefits of holding tokens.