Debit Card Issuance Request

Debit Card Issuance Request



It is not the sale of debit cards, but the issuance agency fee.


Mango Holdings Pte. Ltd (our company) is Almighty Valuable Card inc.

We have signed an alliance agreement with Pin). This will allow you to use your VISA debit card. It can be issued and charged directly from Mango Wallet.

The issuer of debit cards is Taiwan’s largest private financial institution founded in 1966, and in Japan, Tokyo Star Bank was established in 2014. It is “CTBC Bank (China Trust and Commercial Bank)” known for making it a wholly owned subsidiary. Almighty Valuable Card inc. Since 2009, we have been engaged in the CTBC VISA debit card issuance agency business in the Philippines, and the total number of issued cards exceeds 50,000.