Share the current Mango Project progress report


Share the current Mango Project progress report

We will share the current MangoProject progress report to you.

As you know, the Mango Project is a virtual currency exchange business, a remittance business including domestic payments and overseas remittances, Japan Village’s payment infrastructure business, and our vision of eco-friendly education support business for children in the Philippines. It consists of a system.

The development of the virtual currency exchange Mango Exchnage, which functions as the center of all businesses, has already been completed by about 50% and is scheduled for release in late February 2020.

This cryptocurrency exchange has a token MangoCoin that is issued independently, and it exists as the center of a mechanism that can earn revenue share.

The revenue sources to be distributed consist of transaction fees revenue from virtual currency exchanges, remittance fees for remittance business, and domestic settlement fees used in Japan Village.

As soon as the Philippine Central Bank (BSP) license is approved, we are currently under discussion with alliance partners so that we can develop our business with a sense of speed.

By the end of the year, we will be able to make a big announcement that will be of benefit to those who are interested in our business.

Please wait for the official announcement.