Request correction regarding Bitmain official blog post

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Request correction regarding Bitmain official blog post

Mango Remittance Cu Phil. Incorporated’s Official Statement.

We requested revisions to the following official blog post posted by Bitmain.

Fraudulent use of “Bitmain” by Mangocoin (MGC)

And, This is regarding your article dated 09-Aug-2019 entitled ” MangoCoin Fraudulently Uses Bitmain’s Name To Sell Cloud Miners

We noted that the article reported by this media contains include two of our URLs as follows:


We at Mango Remittance CU Phil. Incorporated, vehemently deny the accusations leveled against us and our CEO, Mr. Jonas Cochico. During the past weeks, false news regarding our alleged operations using Bitmain and or Bitmain Cloud Miner has been circulated by numerous sites.


Thus, we, at Mango Remittance CU Phil. Incorporated, states the following:

  1.  That Mango Coin and Mango Remittance CU Phil. Incorporated are separate and distinct entities; are not run by the same people; and has separate operations;
  2. That as of the moment, Mango Remittance has never engaged in the sale of cryptocurrency coins to the public, in fact, it has not undergone an Initial Coin Offering, as of this writing;
  3. That it has never used, and never will use Bitmain, Bitmain Cloud Miner, or any of its derivatives, either legitimately or illegitimately, as its platform.


Further, Mango Remittance’s website, contrary to what has been levelled upon it, was still under construction since July and was just operational on September 17, 2019. Had the sources done their proper research diligently, it could be gleaned that it was not Mango Remittance’s website that was used. Also, careful checking would have revealed the fact that the logo used by the alleged scammers, is different from Mango Remittance’s.

With this, we therefore demand that Bitmain, and all the other entities which derived information therefrom, recant the same, and issue a Public Apology so as to help repair the tarnished reputation of Mango Remittance brought about by these irresponsible acts.