Notice of MGC token swap implementation

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Notice of MGC token swap implementation

The token SWAP period has expired. If you have an old MGC, please contact us from the inquiry.

Dear Mango Coin [MGC] holder

Thank you for your support of the Mango Project. I will report the following.

1. About MGC token swap

Sorry to keep you waiting.

A new MangoCoin has been newly issued due to a change in the total number of coins used in the MangoProject.

  • MGC (formerly Mango Coin)
  • MRC (New Mango Coin Official Name: Mango Remittance Coin)

Therefore, we will implement a token swap from MGC to MRC. All MGCs will be burned (discarded) as soon as the swap is completed.

The issuing body of MGC was registered in the Republic of Malta, but following the passage of the ICO regulation bill in Malta in June 2018, the MRC (Mango Remittance Coin ) A new corporation has been established as the issuing entity.

If you have MGC token, please execute the token swap from below.

The flow of Token Swap is as follows.

  1. Access Site
  2. STEP1. Enter “E-mail address”, “Number of MGC for SWAP application”, “Ethernet address for receiving MRC”
    * Please specify the wallet address, not the exchange address, for the receiving address.
    Example) MyEtherWallet, imToken, etc.
  3. STEP2. MGC will be remitted to the displayed “Etherium Address”.
    * Please remit the same number as the entered “number of MGC for SWAP application”.
  4. Wait for payment. Transition to STEP3 in a few minutes
  5. The screen of STEP3 will be displayed and the swap will be completed.
    * Email will also be sent at the same time.


2. Incentive for former MangoCoin (MGC) holders

We will give preferential treatment to initial investors and swap (exchange) MRC to twice the number of MGC held.

MRC has an aspect as an asset token, so you can keep receiving revenue sharing in “TRADE mining”, “LOTTELY mining”, and “limitation business” simply by storing it on the Mango Exchange.

a. ) Replace one old MGC with two MRCs.
b. ) MRC after exchange will be mandatory lock for one year at Mango Exchange.
c. ) As a right of the MRC owner, you will be able to receive revenue sharing during the above lock period.
d. ) If you still want to share revenue, you can continue.

As a source of revenue sharing for MRC holders, a part of the business revenue generated by Mango Remittance will be shared.

Source of revenue distribution
a. ) 85-95% of Mango Exchange transaction fee (transaction fee) (BTC, etc.)
b. ) 50% of Mango Wallet remittance, withdrawal and settlement fee revenue (PHP)
c. ) 50% of online Lottery ticket revenue (BTC etc.)

The Mango Project we are pursuing has a vision of achieving both sustainable donation and return to investors.

By using the concept of “Proof of Learning”, learning (all learning related to study, programs, and occupations), MRC tokens can be granted and revenue sharing can be achieved. We will continue to promote our business so that we can build an ecosystem that will allow us to spend more time to learn more and help reduce poverty and social disparities.

As a first step toward this end, on February 5, we completed a business tie-up with a company that has been conducting a remittance business in the Philippines for more than 10 years.

Details will be announced at a later date.

It takes more time than expected because it is necessary to clear the hurdles that appear multiple times step by step, but all project members will move forward.

Thank you for your continued support of the Mango Project.

Mango Team