I’m Andrelille Cruz | Message from Corporate Secretary


I’m Andrelille Cruz | Message from Corporate Secretary


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Andrelille Christian Cruz. Nice to meet you.

I’m an attorney, and Corporate Secretary of Mango Rimmitance.

With the intention of further expanding Mango Remittance CU Philippines, the management has decided to increase our Authorized Capital Stock, from 10M Pesos, to 120M Pesos.

Towards this end, the Management, together with the Legal Team, have endeavoured to make the necessary arrangements with regard to complying with the documentary requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission .

As of the moment, we have submitted the said documents, and are waiting for the feedback of SEC.

To promote confidence among its customers and investors alike, rest assured that the Management and the Legal Team are doing everything to ensure that the Company is compliant with all the rules and regulations related to the industry.

Thank you so much.