Mango Remittance are finding ways to alleviate the poor of the country | CEO’s message


Mango Remittance are finding ways to alleviate the poor of the country | CEO’s message


The Philippines is an Archipelago composed of more than 7,000 islands, A good part of these islands does not have any bank presence. Boracay, the hottest tourist spot in the country had only one bank and one ATM machine back in 2003.

Its population is more than 104 million and this is growing at a very fast rate. Based on the most recent study, for every death there are three child births every minute.

In a few years, the population can reach the 110 million mark.

We are almost half of the population of Indonesia, the fourth most populous country in the world (which has 260 million). A country that is  five and a half times larger than the Philippines in term of land area. Japan actually has a bigger land are than the Philippines yet it only has a population of 127 million and its average age is at 47 years old. 

The average age of the Filipinos is one of the youngest in the world at 23 years. The Visayan ethnic group is the biggest at 34%.

Most of the country’s Overseas Workforce come from the Visayas Region. There are 2.2 million OFWs, and this figure only pertains to those with proper documents.

The country has its share of social inequity. More than 26 million of the Filipinos are poor with half of that living below the poverty line. Only 14% of the adult population can be considered rich and they account for more than 70% of the country’s wealth.  

Despite these statistics, the Philippines is considered to have the fastest growing economy in Asia in the last three years.

Considering the average age of the country’s population, it is safe to claim that majority of us Filipinos are what we consider as “MILLENIALS”. This generation wants fast and quick responses. You could not keep their attention for a long time. They will not wait in line and they will always be moving.

Given these two indicators, the potential for the country is huge. Provided with the right technology and sufficient capital, it can be one of the best economies in the region.

Hence, it is imperative that the country is able to keep up with the latest technology and innovation and even the most advanced investment opportunities.

We at MANGO REMITTANCE are finding ways to alleviate the poor of the country.

Provide them with services that can cut their transaction cost to a minimum. Provide them the technology that is efficient and secure to help them in their daily needs.


We gathered you today to help achieve this dream.

To offer you an investment opportunity that will not only help this country reach the economic level that it has been struggling to achieve and provide you with handsome returns.