Business alliance with Minny Casino

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Business alliance with Minny Casino

Dear Mango Coin [MGC] holders

Thank you for your support for the Mango Project.

Due to COVID-19, which is hitting the entire world, the Philippines is still in the second lockdown phase of its operations, and this has had a huge impact on the Philippine economy.

Naturally, this has been a huge problem for us and we have been struggling to get all of our plans in line.

However, we have been persistently exploring and negotiating with various companies in order to create a use case for the MRC and to move our vision forward.


The Mango team is excited to share this exciting, avant-garde announcement with you.

The Mango Project is pleased to announce a partnership with World Nios Limited, operator of the MINNY Casino online casino, effective September 11th, 2020.


World Nios Limited (Marshall Islands) is a comprehensive amusement-type casino MINNY Casino (licensed by the government of Curacao) that integrates online casino games as well as stand-alone sports bookmakers, e-sports and games respectively Develop and operate (licensed).

Through this partnership, Mango Holdings Plt. ltd. will be able to use the Mango Remittance Coin (MRC) and the newly-issued Mango Philippine Peso (MPHP), both of which have been issued by Mango Holdings Plt.

We will report on the details later.

We are taking longer than expected because of the many hurdles that appear one step at a time, but we are moving forward with all project members.

Thank you very much for your continued support of the Mango Project.

Mango Team