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Mango Project provides Educational Support to Children in the Philippines.


Crypto Currency Exchange Business 01

Share profits with token holders.
Profits are distributed to investors who continue to hold tokens earned through trade mining and lottery mining.We also succeeded in improving sustainability by adding profits from other businesses (overseas remittance business, settlement infrastructure business) to revenue sharing.
Mango Exchange aims to officially operate as a virtual currency exchange by obtaining a registration certificate from BSP (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas) in 2019.

Remittance Business provided to OFW 02

Build overseas remittance infrastructure using Mango Cash to maximize OFW’s profit.
BSP (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas) has recently developed PESONet and started interbank transfer with the InstaPay system. These platforms are part of BSP’s domestic retail payment system framework and are aimed at establishing a secure, efficient, affordable and reliable electronic retail payment system in the country.
Mango Remittance will integrate these platforms into the remittance system (Mango Remittance System) and mobile app (Mango Wallet) to facilitate clients’ remittance transactions both domestically and internationally.
12.3 Million
OFW of Worldwide
33 %
We intend to get share of remittance
Mango Remittance is currently in the process of completing the requirements for our application with Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas on the registration as Money Servicing Business.

JAPAN VILLAGE Payment Infrastructure Business 03

JAPAN VILLAGE is a 40 hectare smart city developed by a major developer in Japan and the Philippines at Taguig in Metro Manila.
Mango Coin is also used for real estate purchases and settlements in cities, and by creating an active settlement infrastructure, it creates a large-scale economic ecosystem for Mango Coin.

Sustainable Donation 04

The vision is to achieve both “sustainable donation” and “return to investors”.

In addition, by using the concept of “Proof of Learning” that gives you coins through learning, you can receive MGC and receive the opportunity to learn more using the time generated by receiving revenue sharing. We hope to build an ecosystem that increases and help to correct poverty and social disparities.

In addition, through partnerships with fundraising * of private non-profit organizations that conduct microfinance businesses, and partnerships with companies that are planning to issue wallets that implement cryptocurrency donation traceability, etc. in the Philippines We will continue to help solve social issues.

Mango Remittance is currently in the process of completing the requirements for our application with Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas on the registration as Money Servicing Business.
– Our Roadmap –

Our Future is Full of Hope

September 2019

 JVP Miner Pre-Sale

Nobember 2019

 New Release of the Mango Wallet APP

 Test sales Blockchain Lottery at ETH

Q4 2019

 Establishment of th Mango Holdings ltd

 Release of the New Mango Coin

 Release of the Mango Exchange Beta-ver

 Press Release about JAPAN VILLAGE

Q1 2020

 Operation start of the JVP Miner

 Listing of Mango Coin in Mango Exchange

 Trade Mining

 Lottely Mining

Q2 2020

 Release of the Mango Remittance System

 IEO Launchpad

Q3 2020

 Release of the Proof of Leaning System

 Detailed plans announcement for JAPAN VILLAGE

Q4 2020


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Foundation of Our Success.


Elmer D. Borres

Compliance Officer and Audit Head

Andrelille Christian Cruz

Corporate Secretary
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